Mobile IV therapy available upon request.
IVitalize provides our clients access to a variety of important health and wellness blood tests.



IVitalize is an Intravenous Therapy provider led by a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable medical professionals. IVitalize brings its clients a highly effective and trending treatment supported by the latest medical and scientific principles. A strong emphasis is placed on creating a minimally invasive and relaxing experience all within a clean, sterile, and safe environment. By providing both on-site and off-site therapy options (home, office, hotel, beachside cabana, etc.), the team at IVitalize is well equipped to attend to your requests almost anywhere. Each of our “medical cocktails” consists of all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and replenishing fluids that your body requires to optimally function, enabling any individual to embrace all of life's challenges. Infuse, rejuvenate, and hydrate yourself so that you may utilize nutrients more efficiently to fortify your lifestyle.