IVitalize has a “no refund” policy. Once services are purchased, fees are non-refundable. All transactions are final at the moment of purchase and are not contingent on individual results or client availability. Clients have one year from the date of purchase to utilize the services of IVitalize.


To reschedule an already existing appointment, the client must contact IVitalize at least 24 hours prior to their already scheduled appointment, if not you will lose your appointment and not be refunded. Please review our “no refunds” policy. IVitalize will work with clients in accommodating them to an appointment time that works best for them based on availability at IVitalize.


If a client is unable to fulfill the commitment to the original date of their appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s highly recommended they reschedule the appointment to a later date. However, should the client elect to completely cancel the appointment altogether or not attend their scheduled appointment, it is important to note that IVitalize has a “no refunds” policy .