Often the build-up of toxins and poisonous substances can inevitably place our bodies at great risk for dangerous illnesses. For this reason, IVitalize offers its Detox IV therapy to place the body in the best position to function. With a well-balanced fusion of essential vitamins, nutrients, and – most importantly — Glutathione, Detox makes releasing the body from all toxic minerals and wastes its priority. Rest assured, this therapy option would have you feeling a newfound sense of purity like never before.

For those individuals suffering from chronic and acute medical conditions or those with severe nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, those suffering from general soreness, aching, and nausea.

  • Release toxic minerals, metals, and wastes from the body
  • Restore energy levels and improve vital organ functioning
  • Support and enhance immunity from disease and other illnesses
  • Healthy flow of antioxidants throughout the body
  • Relieve pain, aches, inflammation, and nausea

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and IV Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.


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