LiquidFuel is strategically mixed to give all athletes the professional advantage within their sport. After putting their bodies to the test day-in and day-out, each athlete needs the right mix of fluids to improve recovery from strenuous workouts and soreness. With an essential combination of mineral nutrients and amino acids, LiquidFuel provides your body exactly what it needs to feel replenished, re-energized, and refocused. Rise above the pain and fatigue of fitness… and get ready for round two!

For those athletes participating in Football, Cycling, Biking, Soccer, Triathlons, CrossFit, Weight Training, Cross Country, Running, Yoga, Tennis, Surfing, etc.

  • Increased stamina and energy boost
  • Restoration of fluids in the body
  • Improve muscle and fitness recovery
  • Detox and toxins release
  • Promotes enhanced muscle restoration and repair

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and IV Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.


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